Blended Impact Labs aims to deliver an Alternative Capital Accelerator to serve Southern California’s broader entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem with expanded access to capital outside of the traditional venture capital community.
This 8-week accelerator is industry agnostic and will focus on leveraging federal, state, and county resources; crowdfunding; revenue based funding; and Opportunity Zone funding. Our purpose is to introduce entrepreneurs to alternative financing sources they can utilize to grow their businesses despite the COVID-19 pandemic, bolstering the resiliency and recovery of our region with increased access to capital.

The following non-exhaustive list includes the following local groups in our outreach and

engagement plan to ensure project connectivity and a far reaching approach to expanding services across diverse populations:

Ideal businesses are high growth potential companies (tech, manufacturing, life sciences, etc) that have been in business for at least 12 months, are seeking to raise at least 300k in equity investments.

Companies that have previously raised friends/family or angel investments and have a fundraising deck or other materials available will be given priority consideration for investor conversations.